== ==Fund== ==
Boshi Fund Management Co., Ltd. GTJA Allianz Fund management Limited Company
Jianxin Fund Management CO., Ltd. SYWG BNP Paribas Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Fortune SGAM Fund Management Co., Ltd. Penghua Fund Management CO., Ltd.
China International Fund Management Co., Ltd. China Shipping Fund Management Co., Ltd.
New Century Fund Management Co., Ltd. E Fund Management Corporation Limited
GF Fund Management Co., Ltd. GUOTAI Asset Management CO., Ltd.
Societe Generale Global Fund Management Co., Ltd. HSBC Jintrust Fund Management Company
Central Europe Fund Management Co., Ltd. Hua An Fund Management
Bao Ying Fund Management Co., Ltd. China Fund Management Co., Ltd
Everbright Pramerica Fund Management Co.,Ltd. Soochow Asset Management Co.,Ltd.
BOC International Investment Managers ABC-CA Fund Management Co., Ltd.
FrankLin Templeton Sealand Fund Management Co.,Ltd. Pu Silver AXA Fund Management Co., Ltd.
Oriental Fund Management Co.,Ltd. 亚洲博彩十大网站排名 Kim Won-KBC Fund Management Co., Ltd.
Bank of Communications Schroder Fund Management Co.,Ltd. Morgan Stanley Huaxin Fund Management Co., Ltd.
Invesco Great Wall Fund Management Co., Ltd. Days Governance Fund Management Co., Ltd.
Tianhong Fund Management Co., Ltd.    
== ==Banks== ==
The Standard Chartered Bank Bank of Communications
Taicang City Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. China Citic Bank
People's Bank of China Societe Generale
National Bank for Development Shenzhen Development Bank
Harbin City Commercial Bank Bank of China
Ping An Bank Huaxia Bank
Bank of Dalian Bank of Jilin
NanChong City Commercial Bank    
== ==Securities== ==
SSE China Foreign Exchange Trade System
China Securities Depositary and Clearing Corporation China Galaxy Securities Company Limited
Industrial Securities Co., Ltd. Shanghai Futures Exchange
Orient securities company limited CITIC Securities Co., Ltd.
== ==Futures Industry== ==
Minmetals StarFutures Co., Ltd.
JINRUI Futures Co., Ltd.
Ruida Futures Co., Ltd.
Huaan Futures Co., Ltd.
State yuan Futures Co., Ltd.
Xinhua Futures Co., Ltd.
New Century Futures Co., Ltd.
China International Futures Brokerage Co., Ltd.
China Eastern Airlines Futures Brokerage Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Tonglian Futures Co., Ltd.
Anhui Huishang Futures Brokerage Co., Ltd.
Yun Chen Futures Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Jinyuan Futures Brokerage Co., Ltd.
Country Gold Futures Co., Ltd.
Guoxin Futures Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Z.C. Futures Co., Ltd.
Shanghai ZHESHI Futures Co., Ltd.
Hongta Futures Co., Ltd.
Kanatomo Futures Brokerage Co., Ltd.
== ==Insurance== ==
Pacific-Antai Life Insurance Co., Ltd. AEGON-CNOOC Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
== == Taxation == == == == Manufacturing == ==
Local Taxation Administration of Hebei Province Siemens Mobile Communications Co., Ltd.
== == Internet == == == == Pharmaceutical Industry == ==
Sina Ltd 亚洲博彩十大网站排名 Roche Inc. USA
== ==Telecommunications== ==
China Mobile Communications
== ==Others == ==
SMG Shanghai Media Group
"Ruili" magazine