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The rapid growth and expansion of Global Business Intelligence Consulting (Beijing) Co. are closely related to its solid, exemplary team of professionals.

GBICC's employees are located in China, Singapore, USA and Canada. Among them, 52% have Masters' degree and above; 98% of the employees have Bachelors' or above; 20% of the employees have working experience overseas. There are also a number of doctorate degree holders among the employees. It is truly a highly educated, highly qualified, highly competent IT service team .

The key employees in the company are from top tier IT companies and financial industries in China and overseas. They have accumulated considerable achievements in the areas of data warehousing, data mart, data mining, analytical CRM, risk management, loan management, database marketing, financial and communication systems, and have tremendous experience in major domestic and international software development and consulting projects. They are highly motivated and devoted to the work at hand.